Month: February 2022

What Harm Can Rust Do To Your Vehicle If Not Taken Care Of ?

Feb 28, 2022

We have seen rusty cars in the dump yards, which might seemingly collapse with just a slight touch. Therefore, subconsciously we know what rust can do, but rust doesn’t have to be that widespread to cause trouble. What begins as a benign, innocuous speck of rust will spread like wildfire engulfing several parts and causing […]

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Want To Protect Your Car’s Paint job? Here Are Five Ways To Do So

Feb 15, 2022

Paint is your car’s pride, especially the shine that follows after a paint job. However, we know what ensues; the paint and the shine gradually fade, calling for more touch-ups. What if we could prevent that and add valuable years to our car’s paint? Wouldn’t that boost our confidence? Luckily, there are ways to take […]

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