About Us

A state-of-the art, fully-equipped facility that offers fast, convenient service.

Our automated car wash has the latest technology that is designed to clean your vehicle while making sure it’s protected at all times. Our friendly attendants will guide you into the wash while you relax and enjoy the ride. Once the exterior of your car is clean, you’ll have access to high powered free self-serve vacuums & air detailing guns.

Why Us?

Cadillac Express is one of the most equipped Car Washing Facilities in Houston and Tomball. We offer all the services that your car would need to feel good. Your vehicle will enjoy the latest car washing technologies from Heated Wheel Cleaner to exclusive ceramic shield. Our fully automated car washing service will be able to ensure that your car is taken good care and cleaned beyond your expectations.

Our pledge to keep the environment safe motivates us to use environment-friendly chemicals and water treatments. A state-of-the-art cleaning facility is quick and meticulous and ensures that your car is free from any grime and spots. Your car’s protection is our promise, and we live by our quality service.

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