How frequently should I get my car washed?
For the better running of the car, they should be washed weekly to remove any dirt stuck in wheels, rims, and other parts which might slow down its running.
Is it proper and safe to wash my car at home?
When the car is washed at home, the water and sponge with which it is washed collects and stores dirt particles. The dirt scratches the car paint and makes the paint look dull. Furthermore, detergent used for washing cars at home is also not safe for washing cars. When the vehicle is removed manually at home, it might not reach places where washing is required or times water might go inside the car and harm it. Also, washing cars at home would consume water in excess of what is needed.
After washing my car myself, why does my car lose all its shine?
Washing cars at home can be harmful to the vehicles as it leaves scratches and destroys the car paint. When cars are washed at home, the water pressure is not enough to clean the detergent properly, which leaves stains on the vehicles. As a result, the car looks dull after the wash.
Why is it important to get the car washed from a professional?

A car is a considerable investment and a dent in one’s pocket. If not taken proper care, the car might lose its value before time. Professional car wash facility hires people who have experience and qualification in handling and taking care of the vehicles. Technology and material used for cleaning the cars also affect the paint and value of the car. The same care and service would not be possible if done manually at home. Furthermore, a professional car wash service will use the right quality of the wax, polish, temperature, and pressure to clean your car.

That is why it is crucial to take the car for a wash or other services to a professional. This would not only leave your car sparkling but will also save you money. If you want your car to look new after every wash, take it to a professional car wash.

What is the difference between Touchless and Brushless?
A brushless car wash uses soft cloth and foams to clean the car and also uses a safe, biodegradable cleaner. A touchless car wash, on the other hand, does not come in contact with the vehicle at all.
What is Car Detailing?
When the interior and exterior of a car are washed thoroughly removing all the dirt, debris, stains swirls it is the process of car detailing. Car detailing give a completely new look to your car and makes it look as if it has come out of the showroom for its first ride.
Will a cracked windshield get more damaged during a car wash?
A cracked windshield becomes fragile and susceptible to temperature changes. If a car’s windshield is damaged, it might expand during a car wash. It would be a better idea to get the cracked windshield fixed before getting the car washed.
What type of chemicals and cleaning agents are suitable for a car wash?
A car’s paint needs to be protected when getting it washed. Harsh chemicals and detergents might cause harm to the exterior of the car and its paint. All car-washing agents should be biodegradable so it may not cause damage to the paint and car’s surface.
What is a waterless car wash?
A waterless car wash service does not use water to clean the car. Instead, it uses ingredients that have a mixture of lubricant, a protector, and a wetting agent. It usually uses a spray to clean dirt from the exterior of the car. Waterless car wash is only suitable for vehicles with only a little dust. It helps to keep the car clean in between the washes.
Is touchless car wash safe for the car?
Touchless wash does not touch the car, and therefore people assume it to be the safest one as nothing gets in contact with the car. In reality, since nothing is to touch the car water and other chemicals should be applied with excess pressure. This causes harm to the car paint and wax. The high pressure and harsh chemicals may cause cracks in the top coating of your car. However, with the use of latest technology to clean car, the damage has been considerably reduced.
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