Exclusive Ceramic Shield

Exclusive Ceramic ShieldWho doesn’t want his/her car to look new all the time? If you are also among those, Cadillac Express can help you. We have made it possible to make your car look new again. We care for our customers’ vehicles like our own. Therefore, we use high-quality products to protect your cars and to give them a long-lasting life. Exclusive Ceramic Shield is one of the products we use to give your car a brand new look.

How does it help?

This invisible coating keeps your vehicle away from all the pollution outbreaks and protects it all the time. The exclusive ceramic shield will also prevent your car from developing damage caused due to oxidation and will help to maintain its value.

The ceramic coating protects the vehicle for a longer duration as compared to car wax. You’ll immediately notice a shinier vehicle. The ceramic shield also speeds up the rainwater and makes it run off the windshield and car quickly. Therefore, the rainwater residue will not gather as often as before. You’ll see that you won’t need your windshield wipers as often during the rain while driving on freeways. Above all, it will give your car shine and gloss you’ll be proud to show off.

How to apply the shield?

Our experts apply Exclusive Ceramic Shield to the car once the car is ready after cleaning, which is removing any wax or polish. If your car has a coat of polish or wax, the ceramic shield will not work effectively and will not last long. For the application of ceramic shield, a small amount is sprayed on an area and spread quickly with the help of a microfiber cloth. We make sure to cover all areas evenly.

After the application of our Exclusive Ceramic Shield, your car will be well protected against the sun’s ultraviolet rays and will also have a long-lasting shine. If you desire your car to sparkle for a longer duration, make sure to apply 4 to 5 coats of the exclusive ceramic shield. However, after each layer, a gap of 1 to 2 hours will be required for an ultra-shining result. The application of a ceramic shield will deter dirt and keep your car clean. You will enjoy driving a shiny car for a week-long without much effort.

How to wash the shield?

Washing an Exclusive Ceramic Shield is also as simple as applying it. Use any shampoo for the ceramic shield to come out. After every wash, the ceramic coating starts becoming dull; therefore, if you wash your car with Ceramic Shampoo, the ceramic coating will last much longer. The best solution is to bring your car to us for a wash so that the ceramic shield stays protected.

Now there is no need to be afraid of rain or dust. Protect your vehicle with our Exclusive Ceramic Shield and show your love for your car. Contact our office to give a brand new look to your vehicle and have a worry-free happy drive.

Why a Membership?

Many people make it a point to get their car washed every week, but that can get expensive.

For one low recurring monthly price you can have the new car look for the length of the time you own your car.

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