Longest Tire Shine Brush

Ever got disappointed from a tire cleaning service? Experienced dirty wheels even after getting them cleaned? Try our most extended tire shine brush and experience the difference. Our tire brushes are one of their kinds which will leave you completely satisfied. Whether you own a truck or a small car, don’t be worried about the brush not reaching particular sections. The brushes used at Cadillac Express also cover areas not covered by a regular cleaning brush, and the extra length gives smaller tires an even better tire shine coating.

Our brushes are flexible and robust to take out dirt and grease from the tires even when the tire has been a tough one to handle. With our easy to handle brushes, the attendant will not need to put extra efforts to get all the materials, even the ones gathered in layers, out of the tires. Our specially designed long tire shine brushes are designed to suit the requirement of the vehicle for cleaning purposes just the right way. They are neither too soft for taking the fragments out nor too harsh for the tires to become uneven. The long handle will help reach difficult places. This brush will allow the attendant to clean the tires comfortably without much effort to bend. Your tires will receive the right force needed for getting them cleaned.

The long tire brush also gives the edge to the attendant to have a relaxed time cleaning your vehicle’s tires and would not feel exhausted even if you have a gigantic vehicle. Your truck’s tires will no longer be a challenge for our car wash service.

So, call now for our services or visit us with your vehicle.

Longest Tire Shine Brush

Why a Membership?

Many people make it a point to get their car washed every week, but that can get expensive.

For one low recurring monthly price you can have the new car look for the length of the time you own your car.

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