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Grill Brush

Driving in Houston, your car is going to have bug splatters on the grill. With Cadillac Express Carwash your concern of splatters will now be solved easily. The powerful grill brushing system wipes those splatters away, bringing your grill back to its original beauty. And unlike some other systems, you’ll find at other car washes; you won’t ever have to worry about our brushes bending your license plates. This specific grill brush spins in the opposite direction of the regular brushes and unfolds with your car instead of just retracting, giving in 5 feet of grill penetration on those stubborn bugs. With its adjustable shock absorbers, it will put just enough pressure needed for cleaning the vehicle. It’s always recommended that you don’t wait too long before cleaning those bugs as they can bake on your paint in this Texas Heat.

Grill Brush

Why a Membership?

Many people make it a point to get their car washed every week, but that can get expensive.

For one low recurring monthly price you can have the new car look for the length of the time you own your car.

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