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5 Things to Consider When Finding A Good Car Wash

Jan 15, 2023

Getting your car washed is a mundane activity. You shouldn’t invest too much time thinking about it, right? — Wrong! There are quite a lot of factors to consider when thinking about cleaning a car. Sure, if you wash it yourself, you use the best products available. After all, who would better care for your […]

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Want To Stop A Glass Crack From Spreading? Here Are 7 Tips You Can Follow!

Dec 30, 2022

Just like how people carry around cell phones with cracked screens, some people tend to drive with a cracked windshield. It’s pretty much unavoidable, especially with all the different weather changes. From snow to hailstorms to sandstorms and even just the rocky terrain. Almost anything can roughen up your car’s windshield. It’s not like you […]

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Can You Get a Car Wash When It’s Below Freezing & Snowing?

Dec 15, 2022

With the winter season upon us, you can expect a lot of car troubles, especially if you live in a colder climate. Not to mention, if you’re used to snowfall and iced-out roads, you might not be looking forward to it this time around, given its effect on vehicles. But even if you’re a pro […]

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How Long Does Wax Last on a Car? Is It Even Worth It?

Nov 30, 2022

From fierce storms to accidental bug splats and mud prints, your car goes through a lot. Sometimes, even the tiniest scratch can upset the entire making of the vehicle. That is why most people opt for waxing their cars instead. With an additional layer of protection, car wax leaves your ride looking fresh and brand […]

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7 Fool-proof Methods to Get Bug Splats off Your Car

Oct 30, 2022

Whether it’s because of bug season or just an unfortunate event, finding a gooey splatter of insect guts on your car is anything but exciting. The thought of cleaning it is vile, no matter how necessary. However, if you let a bug’s guts dry out on your car, it can lead to some serious damage. […]

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How Often Should You Wash Your Car? (Asking The Real Questions)

Oct 15, 2022

In the world of car maintenance, there are two kinds of people — the ones who obsessively wash their car and those who act as if they’ve never heard of a car wash before. Usually, these people have cars filled to the brim with takeout containers, food wrappers, and god knows what. But as bad […]

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How To Check Car Oil Level?

Sep 30, 2022

As car owners, what do we dread the most? A few events come to our mind, like an etched paint job, dents and scratches, hefty engine repairs, or just taking a wrong turn. Luckily, with just a few precautions, most of them are avoidable. Out of the lot, let’s discuss the most daunting challenge, engine […]

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How To Remove Water Spots

Sep 15, 2022

You are standing in awe, marveling at the seamless shine of your car. However, something catches your attention, and it’s a water spot! Water spots standing there blemish your car’s appearance. To make matters worse, you find that water spots won’t come off your vehicle. They are in every sense stubborn, and you are now […]

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Four Reasons Why Ceramic Coating Is Worth The Investment.

Aug 30, 2022

As a car enthusiast, you would probably search for ways to give your car some long-lasting protection. You may have heard someone raving about ceramic coating and its long-lasting protection. However, you might have some reservations of your own. After all, no product is without its critic. Nevertheless, it’s time to set everything right and […]

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