Buff-n-Dry Machine

Drying a car can be a challenge for people as it might leave water spots on the surface if not done timely. People usually prefer drying the car with a clean microfiber. However, the fabric after a few attempts starts collecting dirt and transfers it back to the car. This creates scratches on the body. If you have experienced the same, do not get worried. With our Buff-n-Dry machine, your car will get a shiny look with every wash. Cadillac Express’ Buff-n-Dry machine wipes away even residual water droplets and gently cleans your vehicle’s paint. It also gives your car a fantastic finish look. It will also prevent dirt from returning to the car.

Buff and Dry Machine


How does it work?

Our Buff-n-Dry machine installed at Cadillac Express comes with a new Wick-A-Way feature. It wipes the excess water residuals even from the back of the car with a gentle touch. The car goes through the tunnel, and the brushes do their magic by rotating and evaporating the water, leaving it shiny and glossy. After having your car cleaned with our Buff-n-Dry machine, your eyes will vouch for the best drying service you have ever experienced. Even with fewer people, your car will be cleaned in much lesser time.

The Buff-n-Dry machine not only dries but also protects the car while it goes through the drying process. The constant gentle rotation of the brushes from various sides of the vehicle allows the water to evaporate at a much quicker rate as compared to the traditional drying process. Each brush softly rotates, collects, and dries water.

The Drying Process

The automatic spinning of the machine accelerates the process of evaporation. The spinning pushes water to the end of the drying wheel, which absorbs water by drying material fixed with it. The absorption of water is so quick that it does not let the water rest on the vehicle and therefore, does not form spots on the surface. Since the brushes touch the car gently so there is no fear of getting any scratch.

The Buff-n-Dry machines also work powerfully in cleaning the cars in a row quickly and efficiently. The wraps features available with the machine does not need to stop in between the cars and washes a good number of cars in a single go. The increased speed of the service will also save the customer’s time.

Therefore, if without waiting, you want a shiny look after a car wash, then call our office, and Cadillac Express will provide you a high-quality service that your car deserves. With Buff-n-Dry Machine, you will feel the shine of your vehicle.

Why a Membership?

Many people make it a point to get their car washed every week, but that can get expensive.

For one low recurring monthly price you can have the new car look for the length of the time you own your car.

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