Why a Membership?

Many people make it a point to get their car washed every week, but that can get expensive.

For one low recurring monthly price you can have the new car look for the length of the time you own your car.

No other car wash in the Houston area can offer the services you’ll find at Cadillac Express Car Wash.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we stand out.
Heated Rim Cleaner

Heated Wheel Cleaner
& Pre-Wash Prepping

Our advanced Heated wheel cleaning system contains specially formulated chemicals that wipe out the dirt and grime that has accumulated on your tires & rims over time.

Exclusive Ceramic Shield

Exclusive Ceramic Shield

Our Ceramic coating provides complete protection & longer lasting shine, it also protects against the sun's ultra-violet rays.

Buff and Dry Machine

Buff-n-Dry Machine

Our Exclusive Buff n Dry machine picks up the remaining water on the top of your vehicle after the drying system, it's has shammy style material that gives Polish finish.

Tire Shine Brush

The Longest Tire Shine
Brush in the Industry

Our tire shine brushes are the longest in the industry, so those big truck tires get full coverage on the tires.

Dual Wheel Cleaning Brushes

Dual Wheel Cleaning Brushes

Our wheel brushes are offset with long and short feathered bristles, the long section to reach into the rims & the short stiff section is to scrub the rubber.

Grill Brush

Grill Brush

When you drive in Houston, you're eventually going to have a lot of bug splatters on your vehicles grill.

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