Membership Disclaimer

I authorize Cadillac Express Car Wash to charge my credit card the full amount on the selected interval basis, cancel anytime after 45 days. I understand that this automatic charge will remain in effect until I cancel my Unlimited club plan.

Cadillac Express Car Wash must have five days notice of cancellation before the next billing cycle. No refunds for mid-interval cancellations. I understand that Cadillac Express Car Wash may cancel this plan at anytime if the credit card is declined or is invalid. Cadillac Express Car Wash has the right to change the billing rate with 30 days notice.

Cadillac Express Car Wash Unlimited plan is for personal use only. Not for taxis, limousine, dealership, UBER, LYFT, or commercial use. Plan cannot be combined with other offers, discounts, wash tickets or gift cards. We reserve the right to modify or cancel this program and specific memberships at will, at anytime.

“Wash once per day & good for 1 vehicle only”

Tampering with Unlimited sticker(s) could result in cancellation of wash plan. Please check that you agree with the terms above.

I understand that I will be charged the full amount for the selected interval, until cancelled.

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