Dual Wheel Cleaning Brushes

Importance of Cleaning Aluminum Rims

Mar 30, 2020

Cleaning each part of a car carefully is an art, one of those parts is aluminum rims. Most people focus on the parts that are visible to our eyes. They tend to forget those that are either hidden or are too close to the ground. As a result, certain parts are left uncleaned continuously. People […]

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What’s better for Your Car? Wax or Polish

Feb 29, 2020

If you’re having a hard time deciding what would work the best for your car, wax, or polish, we assure you that you have come to the right place for all the answers and comparisons. Firstly, know that wax and polish are two different things and do not fall into the same category. However, if […]

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Car Door Jamb Cleaning

Dec 30, 2019

A Car Door Jamb connects the door of the car with its body. Unfortunately, most owners of cars overlook the car door jambs when cleaning their vehicles. However, it is one crucial area that should not be ignored. When a person is performing the chore of regular car cleaning, he should also clean this area. […]

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Choosing the right car wash liquid

Nov 15, 2019

Your car is your valuable investment, which you would like to maintain well. Those who like keeping their vehicle clean prefer taking it to a professional car wash. But taking a car for a professional every week may become expensive for many. Therefore, an attempt to wash your car at home may feel feasible for […]

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