Cleaning each part of a car carefully is an art, one of those parts is aluminum rims. Most people focus on the parts that are visible to our eyes. They tend to forget those that are either hidden or are too close to the ground. As a result, certain parts are left uncleaned continuously.

People often think that others never notice the wheels as these are too close to the ground. Furthermore, since the wheels are to get dirty anyway, people don’t bother cleaning them. But cleaning them can change the entire look of your car. A clean car with clean wheels can give a great impression. Cleaning wheels and the rims can make you feel that you always possess a new car.

Reasons for cleaning aluminum rims

By cleaning the car you can get rid of all the dust on the brake. This dust is a combination of adhesive and carbon fiber. Continuous collection of this dust can corrode wheels. Every time you drive the car, the dust gathers on the break, which can only come off if the wheels and rims are cleaned regularly. So whenever you wash your car, take care of washing the wheels and rims as well.

Process of cleaning the aluminum wheels and rims

The following steps can be followed:

1. Rinsing the wheels

The first and foremost step is to rinse the wheels thoroughly with water. This helps to remove the maximum amount of grim. Make sure to throw water with high pressure so it can reach every corner.

2. Apply wheel cleaner

The next step is to spray the wheel cleaner on each wheel one by one. There are a number of aluminum rim cleaners available in the market. Choose the one that suits your car wheels.

3. Add grease

Before applying the grease, clean any leftover grime with a clean brush. Keep the wheel area coated with water so that no scratches develop. After applying the coat of grease, clean it properly so that it does not dry on the wheels.

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