Four Reasons Why Ceramic Coating Is Worth The Investment.

Aug 30, 2022

As a car enthusiast, you would probably search for ways to give your car some long-lasting protection. You may have heard someone raving about ceramic coating and its long-lasting protection. However, you might have some reservations of your own. After all, no product is without its critic. Nevertheless, it’s time to set everything right and […]

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These Common Car Tire Washing Mistakes Will Make Things Messier

Aug 15, 2022

Your eyes are glued on a spectacular shiny vehicle right after you enter a showroom. There is something about the showroom shine that you hanker for that car. However, soon after driving it to your residence, to your dismay, the glow just fades away. No matter how hard you try to shine on the exterior, […]

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Why Is Tire Wash Necessary For Your Car?

Jun 30, 2022

Imagine wearing new clothes but with dirty shoes. How would that reflect on your personality as a person? Likewise, neglecting your car tires can give off a bad impression and ruin the entire look. Tires are more prone to wear and tear because they’re the only contact point between your car and the road. Therefore, […]

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Natural Wax VS Synthetic Wax For Cars

Jun 15, 2022

Want to give your car a smoother look, but you’re stuck between which wax to buy? The solution to this dilemma lies in several factors, such as your car’s lifestyle and the environment. Make sure you go through the advantages and disadvantages first before deciding which type is better for you. Importance Of Waxing: Waxes […]

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What Is Rust And The Causes Of Car Rust?

May 30, 2022

Imagine driving on a highway, and a big chunk of rusty metal comes rushing towards you from the car in front. Ok, we know that there is little possibility of that happening, but we dare you to undermine rust. Rust quietly eats up the metallic parts of your car that can lead to a catastrophic […]

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Types And Mediums Of Car Wax Available In The Market

May 15, 2022

Need something to buff out your car’s finish? To cater to such needs, many car enthusiasts use wax. Wax amps up your car finish with an impeccable shine; the depth of shine usually depends on the type and medium you decide to use. Furthermore, waxing goes a mile further and protects your car from the […]

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