Buff-N-Dry Machine

Can Drying a Car Increase Its Life?

Mar 15, 2020

Drying a car after washing it gives the car not only a clean look but also helps to keep it new for years. Drying a car properly protects its paint and surprisingly increases the longevity. However, many people might not consider it important. In contrast, people often think washing the car is more important because […]

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How to Buff and Wax a Car

Feb 15, 2020

Vehicles can lose their shine with time and scratches can form on the body. Continuous exposure can also lead to the paint of the car oxidizing. But don’t worry, buff and wax can help to get rid of all the scratches the cars bear with time. Buffing makes the paint of the car brighter and […]

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Ways to remove water spots from your car

Nov 30, 2019

When you love your car, definitely you keep it clean. Washing and vacuuming become part and parcel of the regular cleaning process. But even after all the hard work, you might see water spots on your car. These spots may ruin the clean look of your vehicle. To make matters worse, the water used for […]

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Why Become a Cadillac Club Member?

Oct 15, 2019

Everyone loves the way their vehicle looks after a good car wash, but regular car washes can be expensive and inconvenient. Cadillac Express has a solution! Our Cadillac Club is perfect for people looking for an easy and affordable way to keep their car looking great. Keep reading to learn why you should consider one […]

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