When you love your car, definitely you keep it clean. Washing and vacuuming become part and parcel of the regular cleaning process. But even after all the hard work, you might see water spots on your car. These spots may ruin the clean look of your vehicle. To make matters worse, the water used for the car wash may sometimes damage the paintwork.

Water spots are generally formed on the car paint because of the remains in water in the form of minerals, chemicals, and metal. Therefore, it becomes necessary to remove water spots before they start spoiling the paint and its look.

Using a detailing spray

Getting rid of water spots is as easy as ABC. The use of a detailing spray prevents water spots from forming on the car. However, the spots should never be allowed to dry on the car paint. Before they start to bake on the vehicle, it is good to remove water spots, so they do not become hard on the paint.

Magic of white vinegar

A simple way to clean the water stains is to use a mixture of distilled water and vinegar in equal ratio. Spraying the mixture on the surface of the car and wiping it down with a towel will leave your car sparkling again. Spraying a small section at a time and cleaning it works amazingly.

Professional car wash

Some of the water spots are easy to clean. However, others are stubborn and do not come off easily even after using sprays. That is where a professional car wash can help to remove water spots from your car.

Cadillac Express Car Wash, with its latest technology, helps to remove water spots no matter how hard they may be. So, if you see the water spots that are difficult to remove, call us, and we will give a sparkling new look to your car.

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