Everyone loves the way their vehicle looks after a good car wash, but regular car washes can be expensive and inconvenient. Cadillac Express has a solution! Our Cadillac Club is perfect for people looking for an easy and affordable way to keep their car looking great. Keep reading to learn why you should consider one of our monthly unlimited car wash plans.

Keep Your Car Looking Brand New

You live a busy life. It can be easy to put off getting car washes when you are focused on your job and your family. The Cadillac Club makes it easy to get regular car washes. Just choose a plan and show up as often as you wish. This will keep your car looking new and will also save you time on more extensive washes in the future.

Save Money

Our Cadillac Club packages all offer unlimited car washes for one affordable price, meaning that the service pays for itself after a few washes. You will save money over time without sacrificing quality or professionalism. Why pick up a bucket and sponge for at-home car washes when you can also save money with professional washes?

An Option Just For You

We offer four different unlimited plans for extra flexibility. While some people just need a basic wash, rinse, and dry, other people are looking for additional services such as buff-and-dry washing, tire shines, and hot wax shines. Choose the plan that is best for you! You can also add additional cars to most of our plans for a discount. With four different locations across Houston and Tomball, we have a plan and location to suit everyone’s needs. Click here for pricing and additional information.

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