Drying a car after washing it gives the car not only a clean look but also helps to keep it new for years. Drying a car properly protects its paint and surprisingly increases the longevity. However, many people might not consider it important. In contrast, people often think washing the car is more important because it helps to remove all the dirt. Many people also think that after a wash car can be left to air dry instead. However, doing that is as good as not washing it. If you want to maintain the resale value of the car, you definitely need to consider drying it.  Let’s have a look at how drying a car makes a difference and what is the best way to dry a car.

Why is Drying Important?

A washed car is never dirt-free until it is dried completely. The droplets left after a good wash can dry and cause spots on the surface of the car. Furthermore, the tiny drops of water have some amount of dirt in them. When you leave them in the car, they can spoil the paint. Therefore, after washing the car, it becomes extremely essential to dry it completely.

The Drying Process

The drying process may seem quite simple to people, and they might think that all it needs is a clean cloth. But people might not even know that drying a car can increase its life if done the right way. Drying helps to clean even those areas which might have been left unwashed by mistake. For properly drying the car, it is a good idea to select the fabric wisely. It is also important to get a good quality squeegee to remove water from the car surface.

Once you have removed water with the help of a wiper, use a good microfiber cloth or drying towel to dry water completely from the surface of the car. In most cases, people, after drying the car surface, forget to dry the wheels. However, without drying wheels, your drying process does not complete. A wet wheel can make the car dirty again when you drive it.

No matter how much people try to keep their car clean after washing and drying, it still gets some share of dirt. That is where professional car wash helps. Cadillac Express Car Wash is one of the leading carwash providers in Houston that uses the latest techniques to dry a car. We use the best machines like Buff-N-Dry Machine, Grill Brush, and many more to keep your car as shiny as a new one. If you want your car to always stay new, visit us and experience the difference

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