Vehicles can lose their shine with time and scratches can form on the body. Continuous exposure can also lead to the paint of the car oxidizing. But don’t worry, buff and wax can help to get rid of all the scratches the cars bear with time. Buffing makes the paint of the car brighter and adds a glossy finish. The chemicals that go into buffing are rough, making the minor scratches easier to remove. It works best to reverse oxidizing as well.

Buffing also eliminates any tiny scratches, but in case a few are still left, wax does wonder. It fills in the rest of the scratches that buffing could not remove. It also adds mirror smoothness to the look of the car. Wax also acts as a protective layer and saves the car from elements like sun and dirt. Usually, it is good to wax a car twice a year, before winters and before spring.

Method to Buff and Wax

Buff and wax don’t require much effort. Firstly, rinse the car with a pressure wash to get rid of any lumps on the exterior. Secondly, pick your buff pad and start rubbing it in circular motions to create foam. Thirdly, rinse it clean and dry with a cloth. Similarly, to wax, the car, take some wax on the pad and rub it in a circular motion until it gets cloudy and then remove it with a microfiber cloth. However, do not tilt the pad much as it can create friction, ruining the clear coat.

However, many may not feel satisfied after buffing and waxing the car themselves as it would not give them a finished look. Buffing the car is also challenging for beginners. An easier and most authentic way to buff and wax your car is to take it to Cadillac Express Car Wash and enjoy the flawless look of your car. Choose to work with us and make your car look as good as new.

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