Your car is your valuable investment, which you would like to maintain well. Those who like keeping their vehicle clean prefer taking it to a professional car wash. But taking a car for a professional every week may become expensive for many. Therefore, an attempt to wash your car at home may feel feasible for many. However, choosing the right car wash liquid plays an eminent part in the entire washing process.

What should be considered?

Most people wash their cars with liquids available at home, considering these may be suitable for the car. Liquids like dish wash, hand wash, detergent, and glass cleaner though work properly in cleaning dishes, clothes, and hands might not work the same way in the car.

Since dish wash removes grease and other sticky substances from the dishes, it does the same for the car. A car’s paint is coated with a thin layer of protective wax that protects it from dust and other harmful material. Using a dish wash liquid pulls off this protective layer. It also harms the paint and removes the shine from it. A hand washes liquid, though they are lighter than a dishwashing liquid; however, they still don’t suit the car paint.

The right car wash liquid is light and contains more lubricant. Special car wash soaps or liquids do the best job of cleaning the cars. A bit of car wash liquid on the sponge will work perfectly well. After rinsing all the surfaces of the car with water to remove dirt, spreading an ample amount of car wash liquid not only cleans the car but also keeps the paint safe from scratches and other marks. The car will stay glossy and protective and will last longer.

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