A Car Door Jamb connects the door of the car with its body. Unfortunately, most owners of cars overlook the car door jambs when cleaning their vehicles. However, it is one crucial area that should not be ignored. When a person is performing the chore of regular car cleaning, he should also clean this area. A car door jamb ensures that a car’s door can smoothly open and close.

Dirt and Grime

This area collects the most dirt and grime as owners apply the most grease here to avoid the squeaking of the doors when opening or closing. However, due to ignorance in cleaning the dirt and grime off the car, the door jamb can be prone to accumulating rust. The car door jambs have hinges, guides, and strikers. They help the door to close correctly and restrict any external material to enter the car.

Tools to clean Door Jambs

Not many tools are needed for cleaning this vital area. Few Brushes, towel, and an all-purpose cleaner is all that you need. The brushes with soft bristles save your car from any scratch and damage. However, for door jambs, even the sturdy brushes do a fantastic job.

Rinsing the Door Jamb

After a good clean, it is necessary to rinse the dirt away so that the jambs become completely dirt free. For this, a house hose will be good. Remember to dry the area with a soft towel or car wash wipes so that the jambs do not invite any dirt again.

It is not tough to save oneself from the embarrassment of a dirty car. To avoid any unfortunate situation, one must clean his/her car properly while not missing the car door jamb at all costs. The job can be made even more comfortable when the vehicle is taken to a professional like Cadillac Express Car Wash, where even door jamb is not ignored. Call us today or visit our site for more information.

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