If you’re having a hard time deciding what would work the best for your car, wax, or polish, we assure you that you have come to the right place for all the answers and comparisons. Firstly, know that wax and polish are two different things and do not fall into the same category. However, if you still want to compare them and choose one of the two, then know that in the wax vs. polish game, there’s no real winner.


Wax helps to make the already done paintwork of the car shine. It is an additional coating put on the paint to protect it from any harm. If there are lines and scratches on the car, then the wax will help to fill them up, making the exterior smooth. Therefore, put wax on your car to protect it from any contaminants and sun rays too. There are many types of waxes. A carnauba wax does not wash away with water and stays longer, protecting the paint of the car with all its might from the UV rays of the sun. It provides a glossy finish to the car too.


Polish removes a fine layer of paint from the exterior but was protects and enhances the paint. It helps to remove any scratches or oxidation on the paint of the car. Not all car polishes are the same. They are different depending upon the abrasiveness. Therefore, with car polish, it gets necessary to follow every direction carefully. If not done so, it may ruin the entire paint of the car.

There ıs no competıtıon such as wax vs. polish as they both go hand in hand. The most important thing to know is that wax application must follow polishing. Since polish removes all the edginess or roughness, car wax can help to restore the shine and gloss on the paint. To witness what protects your car well visit Cadillac Express Carwash and experience a completely new look at your car.

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