Autumn. The season when the sound of leaves crunching under your feet brings you comfort. It’s when the cold breeze gets chillier at night, and the days only seem to get shorter. It’s that familiar smell of crisp air and sweet pumpkin lattes that gets you excited for the time to come. Truly, there’s nothing better than the fall season.

But did you know, besides being an excellent time for seasonal events, fall is also super important for your car?

It’s the season when you need to clean your car diligently so that insects and loose leaves don’t sneak their way inside. In fact, there’s an extensive list of reasons why you should get your car washed this fall season. Here are the top 5:

Seek Solace from the Rain

When there’s fall, there’s rain. And as fun, as the rainy season is, the pollutants can cause the paint on your car to chip and fade. Nonetheless, with a ceramic shield on your car, you can prevent any and all types of external damage.

Moreover, you can also get a hydrophobic wax coating after a car wash. This will secure the paint, making it impossible to crack, no matter how fast or hard the rain droplets are.

Hay-free Tires

Let’s be honest, the first thing you probably do when the leaves turn orange is head on over to the pumpkin patch or the farmer’s market. But despite the excitement and glory of the warm-toned atmosphere, driving there is excruciating. Mainly because your car tires attract an abundance of strewn hay, squashed bits of pumpkin, and fallen leaves.

You might not think that to be dangerous, but having sticky pieces of food and fall-time litter stuck to your tires can be extremely harmful. Not only does it ruin the glide of your car, but it also damages the tires in the long run. This is why at the car wash, you can easily swipe the tires clean of anything that might be deeply embedded in the rubber through a heated wheel cleaner.

No More Leafy Scratches

Falling leaves may be aesthetic, but they’re terrible for your car. Without a proper covering, they can leave behind scratches. Moreover, it’s pretty common for stray leaves to get stuck inside the windshield motors, making it harder for them to function. At a carwash, though, the water pressure and grill brushes can easily swipe off the leaves via multiple rotations.

Crystal Clear Windshield

Nighttime visibility can drop drastically during the eerie darkness of fall, mainly because of the dried rain droplets on top of the windshield. No matter how often you run the wipers, there will always be a thin film of fogginess. That is unless you head on over to a carwash and get your windows and windshield spiffy clean. So that no matter the darkness outside, you’ll have a crystal clear view at all times.

Say Goodbye to Long Queues

Lastly, another important reason to wash your car during fall is you don’t have to sit through excruciatingly long wait lines. When the clouds are overcast, car washes have a shorter wait line. Plus, a membership card can get you VIP services, no matter the season.

Where to Get the Best Car Wash Deals?

All in all, if you’re looking to get your car washed this fall season, head on over to Cadillac Express Car Wash in Houston, TX. You can also contact us at any one of our following branches for further details:

Tomball Pkwy: (281) 445-2234
Post Oak Rd: (832) 968-3747
E Little York Rd: (346)-204-4636
Bingle Rd: 281-445-2234

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