So, have you purchased a new car? It looks polished, shiny, and elegant, and all your neighbors are in awe of the car when you drive. However, day after day, your car is losing its beauty as if pebbles are hitting the car, attracting dirt and ruining the appearance of your brand-new vehicle.

This is where ceramic coating plays its role not only in making your car clean but also in helping keep your vehicle looking dazzling for a much longer time.

What Is This Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a silicon dioxide or silica based compound extraction from quartz crystals and sand.

Silica creates an invisible, extremely resilient coating when combined with elements like titanium dioxide, polysilazane, triethanolamine, water, and various other ingredients.

Once buffed onto the car, this thick liquid forms a crystal-clear shield, a product that is referred to as ceramic coating.

But Why Choose Ceramic Coat?

Carmakers use ceramic coatings due to their superior heat, abrasion, chemical, and water impact resistance, making them the ideal protective seal for many car components.

From a car’s wheel to its engine bay and interior, this transparent ceramic spray coating is virtually everywhere.

Moreover, people who live in areas with harsh weather conditions benefit from the protective layers of ceramic coating.

Mind-Blowing Reasons You Must Add This Thick Layer To Your Car

1. Extra Layer of Protection:

One of the primary reasons for a ceramic coating is that it provides your car a shield from the Sun UV rays, which causes your car’s paint to fade.
Also, due to its thick coating, it aids in repelling water or acid rain, which causes rust and creates friction while you drive.

2. Durability for your car:

With an extra layer of protective ceramic coating, it benefits your car’s paint and will also combat scratches, rocks, and other small particles that can cause rashes to your car.

3. Withstand Dirt and Mud:

Suppose you live in a place with high pollution levels, such as dirt, leaves, bird waste, and other filth. That’s when ceramic coating will keep your car sparkly between washes, and no water spots will be left.

4. Easier to Clean:

Whenever you have to go to the car wash, it will not take your whole day as the power of the ceramic coat won’t let you wait and will make your car look brand new.

5. Bye to Old-Style Wax:

Ceramic coating has been replacing wax due to its durability and performance. While wax takes too much time for your car to clean, on the other hand, a ceramic coat only takes half an hour.

6. Always a Sleek Look:

The way your car shines under the sun and lights gives a magnificent appearance, making everyone turn their head around to look at your car. However, to maintain this look, a year is not logical. That’s why it is suggested to apply this thick layer to give shine as if it is a brand-new car.

7. Adds Value to your Car:

Investing in a ceramic coating increases the extra amount for your car if you ever decide to sell it, as ceramic-coated cars are well-maintained and will attract potential buyers and increase resale value.

Final Thought

Your car is an extension of who you are, and it must be sleek and well polished. The way you maintain your car has a direct impact on the impression you give to those around you. Hence, dazzling it with a ceramic coating will take your car to a different level.

As always, Cadillac Express Carwash is at your service to make your car as polished as you are. For further inquiries, call us to get expert advice.

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