The showroom often fades within a month of use. However, still, many of us yearn for that showroom shine even after high mileage. After all, the road is hard on your car. Maintaining your car’s former glory requires effort and money, but the maintenance shouldn’t be limited to the car’s body. The windshield is an equally important part of your car, and a sparkling one transforms the outlook of your car. Hence, let’s learn about the three horsemen of windshield maintenance.

Regularly Washing The Windshield:

It would help if you didn’t let even a thin layer of grime and dirt sit on your windshield. The dirt layer can contribute to glare, noticeable when the sun is high or low. Furthermore, dirt particles don’t go easy on your car’s wiper; if you operate wipers on a dusty surface, you risk damaging them. Adding to the misery, wiping a grimy surface can lead to streak marks or even small cracks. Therefore, don’t overlook the washing of your windscreen. Some car owners use homemade solutions to clean windows. Some use a solution of vinegar and water, while others use water and dish soap solution.

Waxing Your Car’s Windshield:

Many car owners are familiar with the idea of waxing a car’s body, but the idea of waxing one’s windscreen seems far-fetched. However, it’s a good idea to wax your car’s windscreen. An immediate effect of waxing your car’s windshield is an increased shine of the windscreen. However, the waxing has more than just aesthetic appeal. Probably, its greatest benefit lies in the wax’s ability to repel water.

Wax is a hydrophobic layer, which means it doesn’t go well with water. The water drop that falls on the wax layer doesn’t seep through; rather, it just rolls down in the form of beads. Thus, now with a wax coating for your windshield, you can say goodbye to water streaks or swirl marks. Inevitably, a wax coating contributes to a clear vision of the road ahead, especially during the rainy season.

Moreover, a wax layer is generally slippery, so the car’s wiper will glide over it without making much sound. With a quieter wiper operation, and water beads flowing down easily, a waxed windshield is a perfect partner for a rainy ride.

Immediate Repairs:

Big things start with small beginnings, and that even goes for windshield cracks. A small crack can extend its area over time due to negligence and rough use. Cracks can undermine the strength of your windshield and hinder your field of vision as well. Therefore, try to get these cracks and faults repaired as soon as you notice them. Otherwise, they can grow into something you cannot ignore.


A gleaming, clear windscreen brings joy into driving as you can enjoy the view ahead. Thus, regular windshield maintenance is the way to go and achieve all that. For waxing and washing, many car owners turn to the car wash. Similarly, you can rely on professionals at Cadillac Car Wash for your windshield maintenance needs.

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