Cars are a huge investment. They’re memorable and can fit one like a glove, adding to their personality. They are, after all, the best representation of you. Perhaps that is why some people choose sentimental names for their automobiles or remember their first-ever ride in fond memory.

It’s due to this reason that maintaining and upkeeping your vehicle is so important. It’s vital to wash your car on a daily basis. Because if you don’t, it can cause your precious vehicle to break down at a much faster rate.

Even though most believe that frequently washing your car is bad, that is nothing more than a myth — one of the many we’ll debunk in this blog. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get right into it!

Myth 1: You Don’t Need To Wash Your Car If Its Shiny

Many people think that just because a car looks clean or shiny, it doesn’t need to be washed. But that’s far from the truth.

Most cars nowadays come with an inbuilt sheen. This makes all vehicles look like they’re sparkling clean. However, if you were to run your fingers on the surface, you’d be surprised. Rather than finding a spotless surface, your fingers will instantly pick up dust and grime. This means that your car needs to be washed immediately before the grime settles in deeper, permanently embedding itself.

Myth 2: Washing Car At Home With Soap Is Much Better

For some reason, people are afraid of automated car washes. They think it would cost more or that it would affect the look of their vehicle. But that is simply not true!

It’s a total myth that at-home car washes are more effective and safe. In fact, if anything, they’re far more dangerous. Since you don’t have the proper supply and brushes to clean or dry the car, you could end up accidentally damaging the car’s paint. On the contrary, automated car washes are much more accommodating.

Myth 3: Rain = Free Car Wash

Just because it rains doesn’t mean it can clean your car. No matter how much you wish it were true, rain does not equal intricate car washing. You can’t achieve a flawlessly clean ride just from natural showers alone.

To make sure your car is actually clean and functions properly, head over to your nearest car washing station. This will ensure your vehicle lasts longer and is immaculately clean.

Myth 4: Car Wax Is Useless

Sure selling something requires a lot of gimmicky products and whatnot. But when it comes to car washing and detailing, some aspects are essential. Thus, the idea that car wax is useless or an unnecessary service is nothing more than a myth.

In reality, car wax helps to preserve the paint and quality of your ride. Thi sis what essentially allows it to last for a long time. Not to mention, without a layer of car wax, your car would easily give away to detrimental weather conditions and debris damage.

Myth 5: Automatic Car Washes Leave Behind Scars & Scratches

This is, by far, one of the most widely believed car-washing myths out there. People are oddly afraid of automatic car washes and think they only damage your car. In reality, though, it’s pretty much the opposite.

Due to advancements in technology and special-grade equipment, car washes are now stocked with refined brushes and services. All of these additions help to enhance your ride and clean it, without leaving behind a single scratch on the surface.

Chase After The Facts!

Rather than blindly believing myths or word-of-mouth statements, make sure to conduct your own research. Despite car washes being painted in a bad light, they are, in fact, extremely important for your ride.

Nevertheless, if you’d like to leave your car sparkling spotless, contact Cadillac Express Car Wash for more information. You can also come visit us at any one of our following branches:

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