Winter month might be the most awaited season for many of us. However, winter will not go easy on your car. Winter month poses several hindrances, and you need to be on top of your car care game for ace performance. Therefore, you may wonder how you can prepare and take care of your car during the winter season. With our brief guide, you will know what you need to do, and you might save yourself from unpleasant surprises.

Take Care Of Your Car’s Tires:

Snow glazed the road, and your car’s tire tread on it. However, your car has a higher chance of skidding and sliding with snow covering the road. Hence, your car’s tire should have a better grip, so you are always in control. Always go for snow tires that feature wider tire treads to ensure that. Thus, as the winter season hits, switch to the winter tires as soon as possible. Furthermore, it would help if you made frequent checks on your car’s tires to make sure they are inflated.

Windshield Wiper Care:

Fog is common on dusks and dawn during the winter season. This is the common reason for poor vision, and to make things worse, your wiper is not in top shape. The wiper fluid is an important consideration while using your wiper during winter. The wiper fluid should withstand low temperature; otherwise, it will get viscous and impede the wiper’s motion. Choose a wiper fluid with de-icing capabilities to prevent frost from forming on your windscreen. Thus, please look at your car’s wiper’s condition and fluid before hitting the road.

Keep Your Tank, Half Full:

Keeping your tank half is a good year-round practice. However, you must try to follow this suggestion during the winter season. This will help you out in an emergency event, like if your car is stuck in the snow.

Change Your Car’s Engine Oil:

The engine is the heart of your car, without which your car simply cannot function. Engine oil keep’s this central piece in good shape. Like any other fluid, engine fluid has its own restriction. The major restriction of any engine fluid is in the form of its freezing point. As the temperature lowers, the oil solidifies, and its viscosity increases. Hence, the engine won’t be able to move fluidly, so you need to choose an engine oil with good resilience to low temperatures.

Regular Car Wash:

Do you know what’s on the road along with the snow? Salt, or commonly known as road salt. The salt gets splashed and sticks well on the body of your car. The salt on your car’s body causes corrosion. Thus to mitigate the corrosive effect of salt, regularly wash your car. In addition, also get your car’s body waxed to protect the paint job from salt. You can get top-notch car wash and wax at Cadillac Car Wash.

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