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We are going through terrible times in America right now. A novel virus, known as COVID-19, is spreading around the entire country. Millions of people are being infected by it, and almost 100,000 people have had to see their loved ones pass away. On top of all of this, millions of Americans are flooding the streets in order to protest for something they believe in!

Even though all of this mayhem is happening at once, normal things, such as seasonal changes, continue to happen. In short, just because there is a dreadful virus, and people protesting, doesn’t mean that the summer heat or dust decides to stop coming. For that, it is necessary to follow a few steps to ensure that your car can not be affected by either of those things! It is a known fact that the sun’s heat can cause your paint to fade or even crack if it is not taken care of!

Here a few tips to help ensure that doesn’t occur:

  1. Put a car cover over your car:

If you are not able to park your car inside your garage, it is vital that you use something to cover it, such as a car cover. This will help to ensure that heat can not affect your paint, which is something that car owners have experienced when they have left their car out in the sun. While it is a good way to protect your car, it should be noted that it is not as effective as parking your car inside a garage or carport

2. Ensure that you are cleaning and drying the exterior of your car often

While this one does require a bit more work, this is known to be the best way to protect one’s car from microparticles that can cause scratches and weaken a car’s finish. Of course, many of us do not have time to do this! The solution: visit a car wash that cares about your car and will wash to standards your car deserves, like Cadillac Express Car Wash! We will ensure that your car looks fresh and new while ensuring all dust particles are wiped away that could affect the paint of your car. Visit us today to save your car evils it does not deserve!

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