Long driving hours will undoubtedly take a toll on your car. Under such a scenario, car-owners are on the lookout for ways to maintain their car or even restore it. Hence, to cater to that need, many auto professionals will present you with two options: car wash or detailing. Consequently, should you opt for a car detail or a car wash? Therefore, we will discuss the difference between them and then shed some light on choosing between two options.

What Is A Car Wash?

Through a car wash, professionals loosen up leftovers of your daily commute from the car. A car wash primarily utilizes brushes, chemicals, and a highly pressurized water jet to break the grime and wash away debris. Although most car washes extensively focus on the exterior of your car, some do clean the interior of the vehicle.

Hence, for the interior, a car wash will vacuum carpets to suck in the dirt. In addition to that, some might dust the dashboard, so that’s the limit of interior service. Car wash essentially protects your car’s exterior from hazards posed by dirt, dust, and mud. Moreover, a regular car wash will also fend off corrosion, adding valuable years to your car’s life.

What Is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is a detailed cleaning of your car with special attention given to the car’s interior and exterior. Detailers use high-grade products to clean the car and remove tough stains and scratches. Moreover, the same attention is given to the car’s interior, where carpets are vacuumed and dusted. The dashboard is mopped and greased to provide it with long-lasting luster. In the end, car detailing tails off with polishing, waxing, and degreasing of the car to revive that showroom touch.

Car Detailing Vs. A Car Wash:

There is a visible difference in both services regarding how well one cleans and restores your car. However, other factors do influence your decision, for example:

  • A car wash is cheaper than car detailing. Hence, it would be costly to get your car detailed every month.
  • Most of the time, a car wash is automated. Hence, the use of machines lowers the service to a measly 10 to 15 minutes. On the contrary, a manual car wash can take up to 30 minutes of your time. On the other hand, detailing is a laborious and time-consuming task. Therefore, you will need a break from your busy schedule for the car detailing task.

Hence, a question arises when to opt for detailing and when to go for a car wash. You should try a car detailing twice or thrice per year, preferably at the turn of a new season. Meanwhile, it would be best to try to get your car washed per week to stop dirt and dust from doing any harm and keep corrosion at bay.

With time car owners realize that their ride requires regular maintenance, which could be overwhelming sometimes. However, Cadillac Car Wash is here to aid. Here you can opt from our service packages and membership plans, and then Cadillac Car Wash will look after your vehicle for the rest of the term.

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