Wouldn’t it be great if your car could go an extra mile or two before your car needs refueling? Well, we know the answer; it’s an obvious yes. A good mileage will save fuel and money. However, how can we achieve better mileage? Buying a new car with better fuel economy is one way to go. Nonetheless, it’s far from a practical solution, but you don’t need to fret about dwindling your car’s mileage as we will share some tips that will help you improve your car’s mileage.

Remove The Extra Baggage:

Take a peek into your car. Can you see some clutter? Like a forgotten backpack or a few books, maybe a water bottle you don’t need. Well, you would need to clean this clutter becuase reducing a few hundred pounds can help improve your car’s mileage. Try to keep the boot empty except for a few essentials like a medical kit, spare tire, and the tire changing kit. The same goes for your car’s exterior too, try to get rid of add-ons that may interfere with the car’s aerodynamic for the worst. These include roof racks, cargo boxes, and bike racks. However, if you do need some add-ons, it’s better to opt for rear-mounted accessories as their impact on fuel efficiency is much more bearable.

Keep The Pressure Up:

An under-inflated tire is a big no-no for fuel economy. A tire with low air pressure increases drag on your car, asking you to burn up more fuel to keep up with the required speed. Furthermore, you risk wearing down the tread on the tires if you keep driving on wheels that are underinflated. Therefore, check on the tire pressure whenever you stop for refueling.

Manage Your Trips:

Plan your routes to avoid busy roads and traffic. It’s easy to do that by keeping an eye on the GPS tracker, which can give you live updates on the city’s traffic. Other than that, please keep your road trips to a minimum. Therefore try to plan your trips to maximize the output out of every trip.

Avoid Idling Whenever Possible:

Idling is us literally wasting our fuel and going nowhere. Therefore, while waiting in a hustling jam or waiting for someone, it’s better to shut the engine down completely and relax on the pedals. It takes more fuel to keep the engine revving compared to restarting it. Some new cars have auto start-stop technology, which means the engine shuts down when the brake is pressed, and it starts automatically when the brakes are released.

Keep Your Car Clean:

The engine’s health and cleanliness have a huge impact on your car’s fuel economy. Therefore, get those filthy air filters, and clogged spark plugs cleaned at a Car Wash. After getting your car cleaned up you can feel the result with much smoother operation and much fewer greenhouse emissions. Cadillac Car Wash will be glad to help you improve your car’s mileage by cleaning your car inside out.

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