Warm weather invites growing populations of flying insects into the atmosphere, and many of them end up on windshields while heading out on road trips or going to work or school.
Although this is a normal part of the seasonal shift, it isn’t harmless.

But Why Is it Concerning?

The splattered remains of flying insects on the vehicle’s exterior spoil the paint finish.
This is because as insects decay, they become acidic.
The natural acid breaks down the clear coat and finish, which protects the car from UV damage and oxidation.
Besides the low pH, insects remain stuck to surfaces.
Unlikely, rain doesn’t easily wash away, and even manual scrubbing can be laborious if baked on by the sun.

Then, What Is The Solution?

Frequent Car Washing Is the key to bug removal.
However, it also depends on how many times you wash your car and depending on the number of insect attacks while driving.
Removing bugs as soon as possible is the best practice here.
So before heading home, quickly turn through the Cadillac Express Car wash station to clean off the day’s grime.
Doing this regularly will help to ensure that smashed insects aren’t wreaking havoc on the vehicle’s protective paint coatings.

Preventive Care

Beyond regular car washing, applying wax to your vehicle’s exterior is a must.
Before insect season kicks into high gear.
A protective wax layer will be less likely to hold on to insect remains. They allow for easy removal and also reduce the chance that those acidic compounds will penetrate deeper layers of coatings and paints.
After each wash, an initial wax application will make it easier to keep the car’s finishing look polished all season long.
Making the cleaning process less of a chore.

Final Takeaway

This summer, don’t take chances with the integrity of your vehicle’s protective coatings. Instead, use an efficient car wash regularly to remove insect remains and other buildup. At Cadillac Express Car Wash, we have everything you need to clean and protect your vehicle’s exterior and interior, getting you back on the road for your next adventure.
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