As a car enthusiast, you would probably search for ways to give your car some long-lasting protection. You may have heard someone raving about ceramic coating and its long-lasting protection. However, you might have some reservations of your own. After all, no product is without its critic. Nevertheless, it’s time to set everything right and answer the question boggling everyone’s mind, ” is ceramic coating worth the investment?” Let’s discuss four reasons why it’s absolutely worth your bucks.

First Things First – What Is Ceramic Coating:

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer that bonds with your car’s paint. This bond is hydrophobic, which means it repels water. Not only that, depending on the polymer used, the ceramic coating forms a permanent or semi-permanent bond that will outlive your worries and is quite resistant to weathering factors. Therefore, unlike wax, you wouldn’t need to reapply it frequently after car washes.

Why Ceramic Coating Is Worth Your Investment:

1) Forms A Durable Coat:

Longevity is the primary goal of a ceramic coat. It will outlive and outperform any type of wax you apply to your car. Hence, you can say goodbye to the hassle of reapplication every time you perform a car wash. Moreover, as the bond between ceramic coating and paint is strong, removing the coating is not a DIY project. You will need to drive up to a car wash and get it done.

2) All Round Protection:

The ceramic coating adds an all-round protective layer over your car’s paint job. It protects the paint against multiple factors such as UV light, mud, and dirt. Actually, the hydrophobic nature of ceramic coating allows it to repel anything that’s moist such as dirt or mud. Ceramic coating also protects your car against chemicals, such as acid found in bird droppings and tree sap.

3) Makes Car Washing An Easy Task:

When dirt and dust cannot stick to your car’s body, the car has already shed most weight. For unappealing remnants left, car cleaning is just a one-wipe solution.

4) Exceptional Gloss:

As car enthusiasts, we all yearn for the “showroom shine.” Luckily, the ceramic coating won’t disappoint you here too. Ceramic coating amps up the original paintwork bringing gloss and depth to the paint job.

What Can’t Ceramic Coating Do?

While ceramic coating buffs up your car’s exterior in several ways, it cannot protect your vehicle from scratches and swirl marks. Neither can it find your vehicle against water spots; why is that? While it’s true that water can bead off the surface of the car and evaporate, some natural minerals and soluble particles stay behind on the surface. This will eventually give rise to water spots.

Final Verdict:

The advantages of ceramic coating easily outweigh the lacking and initial cost incurred. The initial price may be high, but you can expect your maintenance and repair costs to decrease in the long run. All that with year-round protection is a great bargain. Therefore, ceramic coating is worth the investment if you love your car. It’s better to try it out on your own or inquire more about it from the experts at Cadillac Car Wash.

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