A sparkling clean car feels good; it speaks about the person who uses it. No matter how expensive or luxurious the vehicle is, the dirty one will reflect a bad image. Along with benefits and a pleasing picture, the clean car adds value to its exterior components and maintains a resale value. Hands-free car wash is a fully automated system in use nowadays. It is an excellent way of car cleaning using special brushes, detergents, and other equipment.

The process

Hands-free car wash is entirely safe for your car. The process starts with covering the car with foam and detergent, which loosens the dirt on the car body. Then the extra soft rollers and brushes clean the soap off the car. The machine sprays the stream of water over to rinse further, and then the rinsing process starts followed with turbo drying using heated air. Finally, the car that comes out is detergent-free, clean, and sparkling.

A safe method 

During the whole cleaning process, the driver can sit and relax the ride. An automated car washing method is gaining popularity due to its advantages. The technique is safe for the exterior of the car. It removes the dirt but does not affect the surface. The form and brushes used are too soft to create any damage, however, resulting in a clean car’s finish. The cleaning equipment reaches every corner of the car exterior, including tires and undercarriages, to clean it.

Cost-effective and quick 

Additionally, the method is fast and does not take much time. In today’s world, when life is swift, and no one has time to wait, the hands-free car wash is the best option. Being cost-effective, it hardly takes time to wash your car in the process. Even nowadays, many additional options are available with the car wash to choose from according to your need. Washing a car at home may be pocket friendly, but for best results, get it done by professionals after every few weeks. Call Cadillac Express Car Wash, and we will provide the best service.


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