You find a suitable spot under the shade of a tree, and you immediately decide to park there. However, no matter how lucrative the idea of parking under a tree seems, it can be a bad idea overall, especially for your car. There are two primary reasons behind this: tree sap and bird droppings. These can wreak total havoc on your car’s paint job.
How Does Tree Sap Affect A Car’s Paint Job:

The sap is the “blood” equivalent of a tree, and it runs through their “veins.” Moreover, there are two types of transport fluid found in a tree: xylem and phloem. Xylem carries water around the tree while phloem is in charge of transporting sugars. Thus, as xylem comprises water and some dissolved minerals, it has a trivial impact on your car’s paint. However, the devil resides in the phloem dripping onto your vehicle.

Typically, a tree doesn’t go around leaking sap, but they do as a response to an injury. This phenomenon is analogous to human injuries resulting in the loss of blood. Similarly, a wound on a tree, maybe because of a pest infestation, results in sap dripping down the trees. Unfortunately, your car can be caught amidst the action as some sap settles on your car.

The problem lies in the sap that drips onto the car’s paint and hardens into a sticky resin upon air exposure. This is a problem as thesticky resin-like dried sap is tough to remove.

Not only is it hard to clean, but tree sap also etches into the paintwork, eating away the paint coating. Therefore, it’s in your and your car’s best interest to get rid of any sticky sap as soon as possible.

How DoBird Droppings Affect Your Car’s Paintwork:

When a bird is soaring high in the sky, who has the time to find a restroom? However, this luxury comes at the cost of your car’s paint job. This is because bird dropping contains an excessive amount of uric acid. Thus, the droppings that land on your car quickly start to eat away any protective wax coating or an overcoat. Eventually, the chemicals seep down to the paintwork, eroding it in the process. Consequently, you will find that the affected region will start to grow dull and lose its luster. For that reason, you need to undertake prompt cleaning tasks whenever you see bird droppings on the vehicle.

What Can You Do About It?

To ensure these problems do not affect your car, it is important to visit a professional car wash to get rid of any stains as soon as possible. Although there are products available for that task, you are unlikely to get it right the first time. Hence, your best bet lies in visiting a professional car wash that can help you remove stains that can damage your car’s paint. Thus, for that give Cadillac Car Wash a visit today! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at! We look forward to helping you save your car’s paint!

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