Paying for a professional car wash is easier and faster and more effective than DIY. Just like other service industries, tipping is encouraged in the car wash service industry too. In this writing, we will find out how much to tip a car detailer, when and if you choose to tip.

How Much Should You Tip?

The decision on how much to tip your car detailer or car wash attendant depends on factors, such as:

  • the number of services they perform
  • the size of your car
  • the quality of service

Below are some of the standard tip amounts you can give at a car detailer or a car wash service. The amounts mentioned assume a job well done. In case you receive poor services, you can tip less than the stated amounts.

Two Dollars: The $2 tip is good enough for washing and towel-drying service for an economy size car.

Three Dollars: The $3 tip is fine for getting an economy-sized car vacuumed along with car wash and hand-drying service.

Four Dollars: The $4 tip is the standard tip amount for washing bigger cars (for example SUVs, or trucks).

Five Dollars: The $5 tip is the standard tip for getting a washing and vacuuming service for a bigger car.

For full auto detailing and car wash services, a 10%-15% tip of the total cost of services is the standard tip amount.

Final Thoughts

Considering all the things, the tip you give is based on the quality of service and the value you get for the money you spent. While tipping is not essential, it shows you appreciate the service you received, especially when the quality of workmanship is exceptional.

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