Do you know about car detailing? Many customers often use the words carwash and car detailing interchangeably. However, these two are quite different. You can learn more about the difference between these two terms here. Moving forward, how often should you detail your car? Before we answer the question, let’s recall what detailing is and how it helps.

What Does Car-Detailing Entail?

Before moving on with the explanation, let’s try to decipher the meaning from its name. The name has the word “detail” in it, and that clears the picture. Hence, detailed cleaning of your car is known as car-detailing. However, what does it entail? Well, that depends on the service provider, the packages you opt for, and the staff’s skill.

Nonetheless, with detailing, the staff washes every nook and corner of your car. Moreover, the service is not limited to the exterior only but also includes the interior. Hence, washing the mats and vacuuming the carpets are the few things that a detailing service includes. Furthermore, this job is often done by hand, so it takes hours to complete.

Why Choose Car Detailing?

Okay, if it’s expensive and takes so long, why is it important? First of all, detailing helps you clean those areas you haven’t cleaned for a long time. Moreover, it clears out those elements that can degrade the quality of paint works or seat covers. Hence, car detailing delays the depreciation of your car and keeps it nice and sparkly. Thus, if your ride is your pride, you need to add car detailing to your list.

How Often Should You Detail Your Car?

We can’t give you an accurate estimate of how often you should detail your car because it’s your ride, and you know where it’s been. Consequently, the frequency of car detailing depends on how often you use it and how regularly you take it off-road. However, let’s consider that you use your car for your nine to five hustle with occasional family vacations, then you can choose to detail your car every four to six months that means two to three times per year. When you need to reapply the car wax, try to get it detailed before waxing.

What’s The Role Of Car Wash Here?

The breakdown here is that detailing is expensive and time-consuming. Thus, a question boggles our mind, can we delay the need for detailing or get off at a lower cost? You can do that with regular car washes. Visiting a car wash every one to two weeks can clean the exterior and those wheels adequately. Moreover, you can also opt for interior cleaning such as vacuuming. Thus, you can rinse damaging elements from your car’s body. Inevitably, you will feel a lower need to detail your car, or you can get away with cheaper detailing packages. You can opt for membership at Cadillac Car Wash that will suit your budget, and you can have a clean ride within minutes.

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