It’s summertime, and you may have lists of many upcoming plans. Hence, either it’s your day-to-day commute or vacation plans, your car will undoubtedly spend long hours under direct sunlight. Therefore, if you neglect your car’s need, summers can be harsh on the vehicle. However, routine maintenance tasks and regular car wash can go a long way, giving your car a fresh look throughout the season. For that reason, let’s discuss how you can keep your car clean during summertime.

Follow These Protocols While Cleaning Your Car In Summer Season:

Find A Shade:

It is easier to wash your car in a shade than under direct sunlight and hot weather. This is because water evaporates faster in sunlight resulting in annoying water spots. Moreover, if you wash your car with soap or shampoo, the water will dry up in no time while the products you are using are still on the body. Hence, it’s imperative to find a lovely cool shade where you can carry out your activity without worrying about water spots, streak, and damage paintwork (due to cleaning products coming in direct contact with the paint).

Besides, direct sunlight is also detrimental for your skin as it is for your car. Consequently, prolonged exposure due to your car wash routine will leave behind some unpleasant memories of sunburns.

Focus On The Inner Details:

We all know that summer brings along loads of passengers for your car. Although more travelers mean more fun for you, it is not the case for your car. Hence, you will continually find carpet litter, dirt, and grime. Consequently, the only way left to keep your car in prime shape is through regular rounds of vacuum.

Moreover, you know what else summertime means? Trips to the beach or swimming pools. Inevitably, wet swimsuits lying in the backseat are an open invite for crafty bacteria and mold to dwell. Eventually, it will accumulate into that putrid moldy smell. However, a few steps can prevent that from happening, such as:

  • Using disposable plastic bags to carry swimsuits.
  • Keeping your car fresh with the sweet fragrance of an air freshener.
  • f you plan to take several trips to a swimming pool, or a beach, it’s worthwhile to invest in washable plastic car mats and plastic seat covers.

The Importance of Washing Your Car Frequently:

Now you know how to keep your car’s interior and exterior fresh, it’s time to discuss how often you should do that? Ideally, this should be one of your early morning tasks when the sun is low and the weather is cooler. Hence, it’s essential to understand the need for daily washing, and the two prime reasons can be:

  • Bug Splatter: Summer is the time when many bugs decide to come out for fresh air. Hence, you are more likely to hit bug traffic as well, and we all know the result of this collision, bug splatter! This can ruin your windscreen and your vision as well. Plus, it can also negatively affect the car’s paintwork.
  • Dirt, Dust, and Grime: Winter gifts us with snow while all the dirt and dust settle. Summer season and its breeze can raise a swirl of dust which can settle on the car’s body.

Consequently, summertime brings some unpleasant surprises to your car. However, you can tackle the problems with a quick visit to Cadillac Car Wash, where you learn about ways to keep your car fresh throughout the season while protecting it from the damage of sun and hot weather.

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