The pandemic COVID 19 has shaken the entire world. Every single person is afraid of leaving the house, leave alone cleaning the car. But where it is important to clean your hands, it is equally essential to keep the things around you clean. If for any reason, you have to drive your car, make sure it is clean. Today, we will look at ways to keep your car clean

Tips to keep your car clean

Before the spread of COVID 19 people normally focused on the exterior, and only when the car was taken to a professional car wash the interior was given attention. However, to keep yourself safe, it is necessary to clean a car’s exterior as well as the interior.

Keep the exterior of your car clean

When any virus spreads, the bacteria stay on the exterior of the car. It then transfers to your hands when you touch it. Or the bacteria from your hands can transfer to the exterior of your car, which can then transfer to others who touch the car. Therefore, cleaning the exterior of your car is extremely important.

Clean the interior of your car

Just as cleaning the exterior of your car is important, similarly, keeping the interior clean can act as a safeguard. The first step is to dispose of the rubbish. The next step is to clean the places that are not visible to your eyes. Places like seat pockets, cup holders, space under the seats, and any other place that you cannot see.

Disinfect your car

Once you have cleaned your car, it is time to disinfect it. The parts that you touch most, disinfect them with any detergent-based solution. Although alcohol-based solutions are effective, if you do not have one, then a detergent-based solution also works best.

The last and most important step is to clean your hands after you have finished cleaning your car. This will make your car safe for driving and will also keep you healthy.

If you are worried about your health and have to drive your car against your will, then clean it thoroughly before driving it. If you think you cannot do that, then visit Cadillac Express Car Wash, and we will take care of your car.

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