Nowadays, an automatic car is effortless to use activity, and just by spending a few dollars, you can give back your car its sparkling look. Here are some tips which can help you if you’re a newbie to an automatic carwash.

Your nearest car wash must be at your nearest gas station. Most gas stations have an in-house car wash. And some also offer you a discount if you purchase your fuel from there.

  1. The first stop is the payment. Many automated car washes have a drive-thru window similar to those we see at a fast-food chain. Here you can choose the wash you want and pay for it. There are usually different packages ranging from a basic wash to a wash that includes a wax coating and detailing your vehicle’s tires.
  2. Make sure you close your windows and look for signs that indicate your path. These signs will tell you where should you stop your vehicle.
  3. You will be required to drive forward and align your tires to the track system, automatically taking your car forward. You will also need to put your car into park/neutral. Take your foot off of the brake and enjoy the rest of the car wash.
  4. Do not forget to roll up all your windows; else, water and soap will pour in.
  5. Now the wash will begin, and your car will move forward automatically. You may feel the car is shaking a bit as the brushes and water jets move back and forth over your vehicle.
  6. Once the car wash cycle is complete, the system will notify you when it is safe to exit. You can then slowly leave the car wash and drive away.

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