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Over time even the most precious car can lose its color and shine. The environmental pollution, acidic rain, contaminants all can bring a change to the exterior of your car. Therefore, if you notice a change in the shade of your car, contact Cadillac Express Car Wash, and we will completely remove oxidation from your car.

Ways to remove oxidation

Oxidation can make your car look dull and old. Therefore, no matter whatever finishing your car has, wash it thoroughly and perform a clay treatment to remove all the contaminants and pollutants. This is the first step for completing the oxidation treatment.

After preparing your car, the next step is to apply the right type of polish that suits the car. The one that brings glaze to the car would be the best choice. If you are confused and do not want to go through a disaster, asking a reliable car wash can save your car’s surface. Applying a product with a microfiber cloth on a small surface first can make you decide whether it is right for your car or not. Later buffing the surface with a light pressure would bring the best result.

Dangers of removing oxidation yourself

One of the main concerns while treating oxidation yourself is choosing the right product. A wrong product that does not suit the car can do more harm to the surface of the car rather than giving a positive result. Another worry is of buffing with the right pressure. If a person goes too deep into buffing, it can remove the paint of the car.

The best solution is to take your car to an experienced car washing service. The employees at Cadillac Express Car Wash are experienced enough and know perfectly well how to remove oxidation. Call us, and we will provide the best service.

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