Who doesn’t want their car’s paint job to last a lifetime? Practically, everyone! However, at times nature might not want to comply with this desire. Hence, your car will end up facing some of the worst adversaries nature has to offer, bugs, plant sap, or bird droppings. The list just goes on. Nevertheless, does that mean you should leave your car at the environment’s mercy? You can protect your car’s paint-work from tree sap and bird droppings if you follow a few of these protocols.

How To Protect Your Car From Tree Sap And Bird Droppings?

Tree sap contains sugars that can harden into a glue-like structure when it comes in contact with the outside air. Therefore, you find removing this “gluey” formation difficult, giving the sap’s ingredient enough time to etch into the car’s paint-work. Similarly, bird droppings present the paint-work a hard time, blemishing and eating it away. However, there are ways you can protect your car from such “trouble-makers.”

i) Find A Suitable Shade:
A tree doesn’t leak sap unless it’s infested. Hence, it would be better to park your car under a healthy tree. Still, while you have managed to elude leaking tree sap, how would you avoid bird droppings? Consequently, a better option is to find a spot in a shaded parking lot or some other man-made shelter. Moreover, try to make sure that wherever you park, your car’s out of range from possible bird perch locations. Consequently, a suitable parking spot will help you avoid the hassle of cleaning tree saps or bird droppings. Nonetheless, it’s not possible to always find an idle parking spot, so what will you do in that case?

ii) Waxing Your Car:
If you haven’t waxed your car yet, get a wax coating as soon as possible at XXX. Protection of your car from tree sap top up the list of the numerous benefits a wax coat provides. Car wax prevents the sap from seeping into the paint and also makes it easier to remove. However, due to the acidity of bird droppings, a car wax might fail to inhibit etching. Still, a layer of car wax provides some degree of protection from bird droppings.

iii) Using A Cloth Car Cover:
A cloth cover tailored to fit your car is readily available in the market. A cloth cover creates a physical barrier between the environment and your vehicle. Hence, whether it’s tree sap or bird dropping, a cover will shield your car from it. Nonetheless, many might find it time-consuming to spread the cloth over the car’s body manually.

Cadillac Car Wash To The Rescue:

When each preventive measure fails, and you end up with tree sap and bird droppings on your car, Cadillac Car Wash can help prevent any further damage. However, it would be best to act fast, as your vehicle cannot afford a delayed reaction.

Just know that Cadillac Car Wash has your back, as our expert team will get rid of every blemish and restore your car’s lost glory. Therefore, visit us and get our membership to enjoy special privileges year-round.

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