No matter how much time and energy you put into your car, the finish can still dull over time. Traditional car waxes will work in the short term, but you will need to regularly wax your car to maintain the results. At Cadillac Express, our exclusive ceramic shield can help protect your car for a longer period of time. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of a ceramic shield.

Protects From a Variety of Damage

Even if you try to protect your car from debris, many of the factors that can affect your car’s shine are simply out of your control. Our ceramic shield effectively protects your car’s coat from UV damage, dust, and minor weather damage. This will keep your car looking factory-new, even if you frequently drive on dirt roads or need to park your car in the Texas sunshine.

Easy Application and Maintainance

Another advantage of our ceramic shield is that it provides big protection after just one quick and easy application. To apply the ceramic shield, we will wash your car to remove any debris, polish, or car wax. Next, we will simply spray the ceramic shield onto the car and spread it evenly across the car’s surface with a microfiber cloth. Maintaining this shield is as easy as regularly washing your car with a ceramic shampoo.

Ceramic Shield in Houston, TX

Are you ready to experience the benefits of our exclusive ceramic shield? Visit any of our Cadillac Express locations today or click here to learn more.

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