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Remember when you bought your car, got it home, and told everyone that your car is now your baby. You never let anyone eat, drink, or carry anything in your car because you didn’t want them to stain your car interior.

But then came real babies in your family. And with them, they brought beakers, milk bottles, juice boxes, and colored pencils (imagine a worse scenario that your child is holding a coloring pencil in their hand and looks at the upholstery as a blank canvas to color on) into your car. You never knew about those stains until you saw them, and now they have become more challenging than you can imagine.

The question that comes up in your mind is what you can do to get back your baby’s original looking interior. The best thing you can do is quickly using a home remedy to get those stains lighter and then visit Cadillac Express Car Wash to get a comprehensive interior detailing service. The below-mentioned stains can become a tough job to remove. Here are some examples of stains that will be tough to remove, but you can lessen their impact.

  • Chocolate Stains: You should let the stain harden before you try removing it. Bolt the area with a colorless dishwashing liquid and water.
  • Crayons: This is a tough one, and the color also makes a big difference. Use liquid dishwashing soap and warm water.
  • Fruit Juice: Use cold water on the stain, and then use warm water with some drops of an enzyme detergent.

Now that you’ve stopped the damage visit Cadillac Express Car Wash, and our team will help you clean the stains.

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