What’s painful and frustrating, is when you put in the time and effort to wash your car, and you still have to deal with a car that looks unclean. When you clean your car thoroughly but don’t get the results you want, it can be truly disheartening.

Have you ever spent an entire day in the sun scrubbing your car, only to find that it’s covered in translucent marks? These are called watermarks or water spots.

Water spots are left behind when you wash a car but don’t remove all the water afterward. You have removed all of the dirt, but the marks are the result of the water itself, which can be just as unsightly.

How to remove water spots from the car?

So, what can you do about these annoying water stains? The best advice is to avoid letting water spots appear in the first place. An excellent way to do this is to use a professional local car wash. They will go through every step to make sure you don’t end up with ugly water spots.

If you use an automated local car wash, you should pay for the higher quality cleans. These will not only wash the car but also dry them and perform an air dry. Some even add wax at the end for a gleaming and glossy finish. What’s more, by using a sealant or a wax, the best local car wash will help prevent future water spots from subsequent cleans and even the rain!

If you clean your car yourself, always be sure to rub it down afterward with a dry cloth. Treat the rubbing part as being just as important as every other aspect of the wash!

Fixing a bad wash

If the damage is already done and your car is currently covered in sprinkler water spots, you can remove them by giving it another wash. The best way? Take your car to a local car wash, and this time make sure you choose Cadillac Express Car Wash.

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