Just like you can match your favorite pair of shoes with many outfits, there are many types of car washes. But that doesn’t mean all washing methods are equal—far from it. Each one has its own set of pros and cons; however, they aren’t always clear. That is why we’re here to run down three wash methods, filtering the good and bad to help you decide which is best for your car.

Method #1: Handwash

Handwash, no doubt, is the safest wash-way among all other types of car washes. However, this kind of wash requires a lot of time, a variety of equipment, and a bit of money, if you’re getting it done by a professional.


  • Minimizes scratching
  • Can remove heavy contamination


  • More expensive than automatic washes
  • Takes longer than other methods
  • Requires more equipment than other methods
  • Requires a lot of water
  • Tough to do in colder temperatures
  • Tough to do with limited space

Method #2: Waterless Wash

A waterless wash only needs a spray-bottle product and a few microfiber towels. To initiate, you simply spray the surface with your waterless wash product, then wipe with a microfiber towel. People use waterless washes for the following reasons: they can’t use water, they don’t have the space for a handwash, they’re on the road, etc.


  • Doesn’t use water
  • Can be done with limited space
  • Doesn’t take as long as a rinseless wash or handwash
  • the only requirements are waterless wash product and microfiber towels


  • More chances for scratching
  • Can’t remove heavy contamination

Method #3: Rinseless Wash

With a rinseless wash, you will take a small amount of your rinseless wash product and mix it with water. It won’t produce any suds, though—that is why you don’t need to rinse. Once you’ve washed a particular area, all you need to do is wipe down to dry.


  • Requires less water than a handwash
  • Requires less equipment than a handwash
  • Less likely to scratch than a waterless wash
  • Can be faster than a handwash
  • Can be performed with limited space


  • Can’t remove heavy contamination
  • More likely to scratch than a handwash
  • Requires more equipment than a waterless wash

Another type of popular, fast, and budget-friendly car wash you might be missing on is the automatic car wash. To find out why it might be your next choice, contact Cadillac Express Car Wash.

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