We all know that stains suck, especially when those tough stains find a way to your windscreen. However, the sooner you notice these blemishes, the better your chance of removing them. Hence, keen observation is the key to maintaining top-notch windscreen cleanliness. Nonetheless, when you notice an unsightly stain or streak, it’s important to try to clean them with appropriate cleaning supplies. This article will discuss some tough windscreen stains you need to keep your eye out for. In addition, we will also share some ways you can get rid of these.

While we know these stains are tough, the windscreen is not feeble either, unlike a car’s body. Hence, this toughness of the glass frees us from worrying about stain-related problems like etching. However, this doesn’t mean that we should allow the stains to linger on for a long time. After all, windscreens allow us to view the road ahead, so a better view leads to better driving. Therefore, try to remove the following stains as soon as possible or just drive your car to Cadillac Car Wash for premium cleaning service.

Tree Sap:

Tree sap is blood equivalent for trees, these are rich in sugar, and some plants have acidic sap. A tree only leaks its sap when there is an injury to the tree. Nonetheless, if you park your car in the shade of one such tree, prepare for some intensive cleaning sessions.

Tree sap dries into a sticky resin that adheres well to the surface of the windscreen. Hence, try to remove it before it has dried fully. Rubbing alcohol can do the trick, or you can use some bug cleaning solution too. Pour some alcohol on the spot and let it sit, then using a rag doused in the solution, wipe it clean. Do this until it’s gone.

Chewing Gum:

Chewing gums looks cool when it’s in between our teeth; out of there, it can cause a serious nuisance. Chewing gum is quite sticky, making them a headache to deal with. However, the key to removing them lies in letting them dry so you can peel their remains off. Use some ice to cool the blotch, then scrape them off. Later, when most of the portion is removed, pack some ice in a cloth and give gum the ice treatment. Remove the remains until your windscreen is clean.

Water Spots:

Pesky water spots are not a rewarding sight after an effortful car wash. All you need to do is make a vinegar solution with equal parts of water in it. Apply the solution to the spot and let it sit, then wipe your windscreen clean using a dry paper towel.

Sticker Remains:

You may have removed the sticker, but its remain is still there to bother you. You can remove stickers remain by letting them soak in detergent solution or soapy water. You can then either rub them clean or use a plastic scraper. Whatever method you use to be gentle on your windscreen, or you risk some permanent streak marks.

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