We all know how important our skins are for our bodies. It keeps intruders and foreign objects from entering our bodies. Similarly, a windscreen prevents grime, dirt, and road debris from entering the car and hurting the passengers. Therefore, we should try to take good care of the windscreen if it is out there to protect us while driving. Therefore, let’s discuss the importance of cleaning your windscreen and discuss some common windscreen foes.

The Importance Of A Clean Windscreen:

Your windscreen lets you view the road ahead, and the better your view will be, the better your driving will be. However, if your windscreen is covered with even a thin layer of dirt and grime, you will notice a haze. The haze will be more apparent when the sun is high or low in the sky. Therefore, maintaining a clean windscreen will help reduce glare.

A Clean Windscreen And The Health Of The Car’s Wiper:

Your wiper’s job is to wipe some early dew drops from your windscreen or help you out during a heavy monsoon season. Overall, wipers are made to wipe out water and ensure good visibility. Therefore, you should not try to use them when your windscreen is covered with a layer of dirt and grime. The result of using your wiper on a dusty windscreen won’t be great for either your wiper or the windshield.

Dust and dirt can cause wear and tear in your wiper, shortening its lifespan. Hence, you would need to replace them more frequently. On the other hand, rubbing small debris on the glass will induce small cracks. These cracks won’t be much visible due to a dust layer. Consequently, undetected small cracks have a chance to expand and damage your windscreen further. Therefore, a clean windshield will go easy on your car’s wiper, and no small cracks will go unnoticed.

Other Things That Can Attack Your Windscreen:

While we know what dirt can do, let’s learn more about the stuff your car’s windshield has to face.

Tree sap: This is the blood’s equivalent of a tree, rich in sugars. The sap can drip on your windshield and dry out. After drying, things get worse as the dried-out sap becomes hard to remove. The sap is not hard on the glass, but the process you undertake to remove it might be like scratching or scrubbing it.

Bird Droppings: Your car’s glass is pretty much resilient to anything you throw at it (just don’t throw anything heavy). Bird droppings won’t etch into the glass, but their remnants are difficult to remove. Hence, you can end up scratching or streaking it if you use the wrong methods to remove the blot.


Now you know the importance of a clean windscreen. Remember that your windscreen’s glass is quite resilient to many things, but still, you can end up with cracks, scratches, or streaks. Therefore, try to keep it clean of dust and grime. However, for the tougher stain, you can always rely on Cadillac Car Wash. If you wonder what we can do for your glass, feel free to head out to our car wash.

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