With gushing cold winds and snowmen, winter also brings along some not-so-pleasant experiences for you. Undoubtedly, winter has a heavy toll on your car. However, the mere idea of washing your car or taking it down to a car wash seems absurd. Nevertheless, deep down, we all know that’s the thing that will keep your vehicle in top shape. Hence, let’s discuss why it is necessary to wash your car in winter.

Salt, Rust, and Flaky Paint:

During winter, road salt and dirt will leave a mark on your car. Something that you couldn’t just forget and regret later on. Mud and the car body paint don’t go along very well. Therefore, you can expect peeling paintwork after the season.

However, the paintwork will be the last of your concerns when you see what salt does to the car. Consequently, road salt speeds up the formation of body rust, and rust can pop up anywhere.

The main problem lies in rusty parts hidden from plain sight. Over time rust can degrade your car’s body and send off big rusty chunks flying towards fellow motorists. Overall, rust means bad news for you and your car.

Mud, Dirt, and Soggy Interior:

Your car problems don’t stop with salt and rust. Mud and dirt also play their part in deteriorating your car over time. First of all, mud can cake up on the grooves of the car’s tires. Therefore, with time mud-cake will flat out the tire, and what’s the use of a tire without fine tracks? Moreover, flat tires are a significant problem during winter as roads are slippery to begin with.

Winter’s challenge doesn’t just stop with ruining the exterior of your car. It’s equally dreadful for the interior. Be it wet pets or dripping children. Your car will accommodate some soggy customers. Therefore, this means muddy car mats and wet seat cover.

Dirt on the windscreen:

Smears, fingerprints, and dirt splashes can negatively impact your ability to see clearly and drive safely on a cloudy day or on a winter morning car drive. When the sun is low in the sky during the mornings, its dazzle could impair your ability to see clearly.

What You Can Do About It:

Before the start of the season, wax your car or get it waxed at Cadillac Car Wash. A wax layer can work wonders and help ward off the salt and protect the precious paintwork. After a drive, you can easily wipe or wash off any dirt.

Get Rubber Car Mats:
If you have no issue cleaning your car’s carpet, you can skip this. However, rubber mats make the chore easier. Furthermore, it will protect your car’s carpet from dried-up mud.

Maintain A Considerable Distance From The Car In Front:
Everybody hates when the dirt flies towards their windscreen. Hence, the best way to protect your car from such splashes is to maintain some ground.

Visit A Car-Wash:
Visiting a Car-wash seems the last thing to do in hefty snow. However, whenever the weather cheers up, give Cadillac Car Wash a visit. We will wash your car in winter as it deserves to be.

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