Your eyes are glued on a spectacular shiny vehicle right after you enter a showroom. There is something about the showroom shine that you hanker for that car. However, soon after driving it to your residence, to your dismay, the glow just fades away. No matter how hard you try to shine on the exterior, it’s not the same thing. Most probably, it’s the wrong technique that you are following while washing your car. Therefore, let’s discuss common mistakes you are apt to make while washing car tires.

Wash Tires The First:

It’s all about eating the frog as soon as you start cleaning the car. Washing tires can be a tough grind. Thus, beginning the process by washing the tires will ensure the best result. On the contrary, if you start with the body first, by the time you clean the tires, you will be exhausted and try to finish the task in a rush.

That’s not all; when cleaning tires, you deal with baked dirt and grime. Therefore, you wouldn’t want grubby water splashes to soil your already cleaned and polished car body. Hence, cleaning up those tires first is in your and your car’s best interest.

Refrain From Household Cleaning Items:

It’s quite alluring to use household cleaners to clean your car. They are accessible and cheaper, but they might not produce your desired output. After all, dishwashing soap is not a tire cleaner, nor is a toothbrush a tire brush. These chemicals and products differ significantly in their application, and it’s not wise to swap their use.

Dishwashing soap can corrode the protective coat on your wheels. Furthermore, it can oxidize the clear coat on the wheel. That’s why we don’t recommend using a non-specialized soap for cleaning tires and wheels. However, what’s the deal with using toothbrushes to scrub off the dirt? It turns out toothbrushes have smaller and stiffer bristles making it challenging to reach hard-to-reach areas. Stiff bristles can leave behind micro scratches on the surface of the wheel. Hence, we always advise our customers to use a specific wheel brush and a tire brush to scrub those wheels clean.

Don’t Wash All Wheels At Once:

This advice may seem contrary to the idea of efficiency. However, it’s better to concentrate on one wheel at a time. It’s quite common to apply the cleaning solution on a wheel and then move to the other one. However, you come back only to discover a dried solution that’s difficult to rinse. Therefore, it’s better to focus on cleansing a particular wheel than hopping around and cleaning all four wheels at once.


We covered the three most common tire cleaning problems you can make. Nevertheless, the list doesn’t end here because there is more to it, like refraining from washing in the sun or using only PH-neutral cleaners only. The list just goes on, and at a point, it may seem a drag. Hence, Cadillac Car Wash comes to the rescue because we believe cleaning cars doesn’t have to be a hassle.

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