We know you love your car and spending hours washing it is your way to express it. Nonetheless, there are some things that a car wash does better. Hence, driving to a car wash every now and then will give your car the touch-up it craves. Next time you find yourself at a car wash, seek these three professional services.

Tunnel Car Wash:

The automated car wash features a tunnel car wash setup. It’s a quick and automatic cleaning process that will buff out your car in no time. Generally, the idea is to place your car on a conveyor belt. The belt then moves your car through several cleaning sections. Different sections consist of different machines. Usually, the machinery varies from car wash to car wash.

Generally speaking, every essential cleaning task is performed in the tunnel; from pre-soaks to drying, everything is performed by machines. Now, your choice for a car wash matters a lot because a good car wash will be well equipped. For example, Cadillac Car Wash has the longest tire shine brush in the industry that will clean and scrub the dirt off the tires without any hassle.

Detailing Services:

Car washes are brimmed with machinery that performs a great job washing your car. These machines do cut down the amount of required staff. However, they cannot replace expertise and professionalism. You can summon this skill during a detailing session. Detailing is an intricate handcraft that takes time, so ensure you are not running late for appointments. Regardless of how lengthy it can be, detailing is quite essential as it helps keep your car young and fit.

Detailing includes washing your car’s engine, buffing up the interior, vacuuming and shampooing the mats, cleaning the seat leather, and so on. However, you now have an idea that detailing gives particular care to every nook and corner of your car, especially the ones we overlook.

Coating Services:

After a thorough wash and detailing session, you would like to take back a car with a warm glow and shine. Therefore, for its aesthetic improvement, you might consider waxing it. Ask professionals at a car wash to wax out your car. Professional waxing provides the advantage of an evened-out and durable layer. Nonetheless, a wax layer can serve you for a few months at max. Hence, for a permanent solution, go for ceramic coating. A ceramic shield is an ultimate protection coating for your car, safeguarding it from weathering agents. Due to its formula, the ceramic shield forms a strong bond with car paint, serving your vehicle for years to come.

All these services will give you a great return on investment in terms of your car’s lifespan and resale. Hence, always take your car to a renowned car wash. Give Cadillac Car Wash a try and discover why we have so many loyal customers. Drive to any of our car wash stations to experience a premium car wash experience.

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