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Need something to buff out your car’s finish? To cater to such needs, many car enthusiasts use wax. Wax amps up your car finish with an impeccable shine; the depth of shine usually depends on the type and medium you decide to use. Furthermore, waxing goes a mile further and protects your car from the elements of nature. A layer of wax adds scratch resistance to your car by letting abrasives like dirt and grime slide off easily. Now, you know why many daily drivers and car lovers prefer waxing their cars, but we are still missing one piece of the equation: The type and medium of car wax you should use.

The Two Types Of Car Wax:

Natural Car Wax: Nature cares for your car, so one of the best car wax comes from nature itself. Infamous car wax, the carnauba wax, is extracted from the Copernicia Cerifera palm tree that grows in Brazil. You may find carnauba pricey, but that doesn’t deter its demand. Carnauba justifies its price tag by providing immaculate shine depth and a high level of protection. However, this wax wears off quickly, so it’s something a daily driver will buy on the top of their mind.

Synthetic Wax: Synthetic wax are artificial chemicals that bind with paint to form a protective layer. Although the protection is long-lasting, with a single application lasting for more months, the depth of shine is not comparable with that of natural wax.

Three Mediums Of Car Wax:

Spray Wax: This is a go-to wax medium for new car owners. Spray wax is easy to apply and dries out quickly. Although it’s not renowned for its durability, it still gives your car a glossy and high-end finish. Therefore, car owners like to use it for special occasions when they need to buff up the appearance of their car up a notch.

Liquid Wax: Liquid Wax does what spray wax couldn’t; it cleanses the car of dirt and grime and provides a long-lasting glossy finish. However, the path to these perks is a little tricky, as many drivers find the application challenge. The wax dries off quickly, so you will get limited time to smooth out the surface and remove the excess. Nonetheless, if you manage to apply an even wax layer, this layer will last for months.

Solid Wax: This is one of the oldest wax forms and an absolute sweetheart for old-school car enthusiasts. It’s easy to apply but takes time to dry out. Solid wax yields a shine that speaks for itself.

Washing Your Car Before Waxing:

Before waxing your car, it’s a good idea to thoroughly wash your car and get rid of all dirt and grime before applying wax. Waxing over a dirty car leads to scratches due to abrasives rubbing against the car’s body. If you want the car’s wax to last longer and provide better protection, choose Cadillac Car Wash’s waxing services.

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